The Neighbor’s Needs

“The church exists in departure and its destination is the world.” —Eugene Schlesinger, Lecturer in Religious Studies, Santa Clara University St. Ignatius Loyola definitely would agree with Professor Schlesinger. Ignatius instructed the early Jesuits to “hurry to any part of…

From Poverty, Hope

Mary Agnes Erlandson ’82, who directs a social service center in Lennox, sees as Christmas as a season in which to be bearers of hope.

My Wish For Teachers

Ellen Ensher ’87, professor of management, asks if teachers have shaped the lives of so many of us why do we not reward them accordingly.

A Season For Empathy

In a season of sickness and violent, Chilembwe Mason ’98, an emergency medicine physician in the Bronx, calls for empathy and respect.

Powering Down

America’s status as a global media leader — in film, TV, pop culture, internet content — has provided a platform to promote free speech and oppose censorship. But content generation is increasingly internationalized, and the U.S. may be losing both marketshare and self-identity.

Advent: Waiting, Preparing

Christmas can become a day of such elaborate ritual and celebration that simply getting ready for it can overwhelm the entire month of December. We asked several members of the LMU community to share their reflections on Advent, as a way of helping us to appreciate the path to Christmas and draw wisdom from the waiting. —The Editor