The Afterlife

Press Forward

Journalism, already under siege, has been emaciated by the pandemic, but two young alumni are adapting to the field’s post-COVID-19 future.

Losing Touch

A cost of the pandemic is loss of touch — bodily, physical contact. Brian Treanor says he’s learned again about “the richness of the tactile world.”

The Spirit in the Pandemic

If we’ve constrained the movement of the Holy Spirit within our churches’ walls on Sunday, Jason Sexton suggests, then perhaps our virtual gatherings have offered a vision of the Spirit unloosed.

The Laws of Dance

The compression of movement has become a symbol of the pandemic. If dance is a compressed art on our computer screens, we may value more the theaters and environments where space and human motion intersect.

COVID and Careers

The virus has reshaped the economy, the job search and how employers seek employees. Branden Grimmett reflects on what career development means now and post-pandemic.

Ingenuity Amid Crisis

The pandemic has thrown another harsh light on barriers to equity in K-12 education. If this era teaches us to address those inequities, suggests Ernesto Colín, we will have learned a valuable lesson.