The Long View

We asked Chris Louie ’91 for his favorite marathon races. He has run 132 marathons at last count, so he had plenty to choose from.

Election Sing-Along

Music has long been part of U.S. politics, from campaign ditties to Civil Rights anthems. Evelyn McDonnell, professor journalism and expert on music, gender and politics, offers some of her favorite songs about voting.

Top L.A. Hiking Trails

When the summer months finally arrive, some of us head toward beach and ocean. But others dream of hills and hikes. The Los Angeles area is riddled with pathways through the woods and along the peaks.

Heroes and Villains

Joe August been an avid gamer for almost as long as he can remember, and he works in the field now. We asked him to tell us about his favorite video game good guys and bad guys.

My Favorite Hitters

Billy Traber was West Coast Conference Pitcher of the Year in 2000, and he followed that with a nine-year professional career, with five in the majors.

Melissa McCabe Navaroli ’05

Melissa McCabe Navaroli is co-owner of McCabe’s Nursery & Landscape Construction in Temecula, Calif.  We asked her to tell us about her favorite hardy, low-water and easy-to-maintain garden plants especially suited to Southern California.