LMU Volleyball Faces No. 1 Texas

Trent Kersten, LMU’s new volleyball coach, starts his tenure with one of the biggest matches in program history: a face-off against the University of Texas, the No. 1 team in the country and reigning national champion. He’d have it no other way

Tracking Fish With eDNA

Demian Willette, LMU biology professor, has patented a device to collect environmental DNA that helps detect fish fraud — the mislabeling of fish — as well as protect endangered species.

Hollywood Standstill

The Writers Guild of America strike is about wages, residuals and more, but some say it’s even more about the future existence of a profession.

Ginni Rometty’s Path of Preparation

Ginni Rometty started working at IBM in 1981. When she retired in 2020, she did so as the company’s CEO — still a rare career path for a woman with executive abilities and aspirations. Here she talks about women’s leadership, economic anxiety and the economic imperative of diversity.

The Robin’s View

Richard Robin, S.J., stepped into his first job on campus in 1969. This year he is celebrating his retirement. Robin likes to say he always looks forward. But he has agreed to take this brief look back.

AI’s Impact on Artists

AI technology now allows any user to generate an image of almost anything they like that copies the work of almost any artist, putting the livelihoods of painters, illustrators and photographers at risk.