Saving the Blue Butterfly

In 1976, prospects for the El Segundo blue butterfly were so dire that the insect was placed on the endangered species list. Since then, community organizations and individuals have worked on restoring the butterfly’s habitat in coastal dunes. But although preservation efforts have produced results, the blue butterfly’s survival remains a concern.

The Stigma and the Game

Professional athletes are beginning to openly discuss a long-hidden secret: their mental health struggles and the stigma that comes with them. William D. Parham, SOE professor and director of the National Basketball Players Association Mental Health and Wellness Program, describes the pressures that accompany the glory of life as an elite professional athlete.

El Dorado and L.A. Busts

The modern mythology of Los Angeles is a story of both selling imagination and rewarding creativity. Lynell George ’84 talks with writer Gary Krist about the city he calls the “mirage factory.”