A Conversation with Hrag Hamalian M.A. ’07

Hrag Hamalian M.A. ’07 earned a master’s degree in secondary education through the LMU/Teach for America Partnership program in the LMU School of Education. As a TFA corps member, he taught ninth-grade biology at Locke High School in Watts. In 2009, he founded Valor Academy, a fifth- through eighth-grade charter middle school in the San Fernando Valley, where he is principal. Fred Puza ’10 spoke to Hamalian about the challenges of teaching and teacher education.

The Face of NPR

In 2012, more than four decades after its maiden broadcast, National Public Radio hired its first chief marketing officer, Emma Carrasco ’82, tasking her with marketing an American media icon. Carrasco, who was a KXLU station manager, likes to say that “public radio isn’t going away — it’s going everywhere.” For her, NPR’s values of thoughtfulness, honesty, diversity and intellectual curiosity are “organically understood” — her job is simply to help articulate them. She was interviewed by José Martinez ’11.

A Conversation with Jennifer Ramos

Jennifer Ramos, associate professor of political science, studies the causes and consequences of political change, U.S. public opinion and foreign policy, drone warfare, and religion and foreign policy preferences. She is the author of “Changing Norms Through Actions: The Evolution of Sovereignty” and teaches in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts. Ramos was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

Higher Ground: Interview With President Snyder

When Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D., gave his inauguration address in October, he outlined a vision for higher education based on imagination and creativity and rooted in magis, which he defines as the restless urge to do more for those who are here, for those to come and for the earth itself. A few weeks later, we met with LMU’s 16th president to explore that vision further. Snyder was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

A Conversation With Susan Scheibler

Susan Scheibler is associate professor of film, TV and media studies in the School of Film and Television. Her areas of expertise include film theory, television studies and documentaries. She was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

A Conversation with Najwa Al-Qattan

For the past several months, thousands of migrants have been leaving war-torn areas of the Middle East, many of them attempting to reach welcoming nations in Europe and elsewhere. We asked Najwa Al-Qattan, associate professor of Ottoman and modern Middle Eastern history in the Bellarmine College of Liberal Arts, for her perspective on the crisis. Al-Qattan was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

Unmanned Man

In February 2015, the Federal Aviation Administration released proposed regulations governing civil unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones. Mark Pestana ’75, a former NASA research pilot, consulted with the FAA as it formulated its rules. Pestana is an expert in aircraft user interfaces and has flown drones to fight fires. We spoke to him about the emerging technology that will impact privacy laws, aviation safety and the nation’s economic health. Pestana was interviewed by Doug McInnis.

A Conversation With Nathalie Sánchez ’07

Nathalie Sánchez ’07 is a full-time teaching artist with P.S. Arts and works in two Los Angeles charter schools. She is co-founder of Ceramic Studio 153, in the Lincoln Heights neighborhood of Los Angeles. Sánchez earned her bachelor’s degree in the College of Communication and Fine Arts with a double major in studio arts and art history. Follow her @Ceramics153. She was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

A Conversation With Victoria Graf

Victoria Graf, professor in the School of Education, is the former director of SOE’s Special Education program. In December 2013, she was named a member of California’s Statewide Special Education Task Force, which will analyze the state’s systems for serving students with disabilities and make recommendations by the end of 2014. She was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

A Conversation With Angela James

Angela James, trained as a sociologist and demographer, is an associate professor of African American Studies. Her areas of expertise include race and ethnicity, urban demography, and family studies. One of James’ freshman courses is “Metropolitan Los Angeles,” about black Los Angeles, which concludes with a tour of important African American historical and cultural sites. She was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.