Equal Play

Should a child’s access to recreation depend on ethnicity, family income or geography? Renata Simril ’93, CEO of LA84 Foundation, says never.

Looking for Sepulveda

Driving the length of Sepulveda Blvd., a major city arteries, is a sojourn along a border between L.A.’s past and present, and its living and its dead.

Capturing What’s Human

The Laband Gallery’s “Judy Dater: Only Human” exhibit is a collection of works spanning the 50-year career of pioneering feminist photographer Judy Dater that explores what it means to be “simply and only human.”

The Pod Coast

Teamwork unites nearly 70 students in business and the sciences in developing a Hyperloop pod for a competition sponsored by SpaceX.

Sacred Art

John August Swanson dropped out of LMU to spend the next five decades developing his own stunning style of religious and political art.

Appy Days

An app developed by students is designed to link drivers to businesses or homeowners with precious parking space.

Sweet Hope

Lynell George finds hope amid strife when she looks back to the 1968 assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. and the journey her family made years before from New Orleans for a new life in Los Angeles.

Time Out

Pushing your child to master one and only one sport from an early age — sports specialization — could be a game she or he ends up losing.