The DACA program and the fate of Dreamers now appear to be languishing in legislative limbo. LMU experts examine DACA’s prospects and make their best guess about its future.

Producer’s Credit

Prolific and outspoken, film producer Effie Brown ’93, one of the industry’s prolific filmmakers, just wants to make movies that reflect the America she lives in and cares about.

Nest Egg

Los Angeles is home to more hummingbirds than any U.S. city. Student researchers are tracking mother hummingbirds’ energy expenditure in nests across the LMU campus.


For our series on The Seven Deadly Sins, Jason S. Sexton writes about pride.—The Editor “Forget about the other six, says Pride.They’re only using you.”—Dana Gioia, “The Seven Deadly Sins” It set the course of early Californians, fortune seekers and…


In his essay about gluttony, poet Oliver de la Paz ’96 writes about his father’s dress shirts, tube socks, guns and issues of National Geographic magazine.


Brendan Busse, S.J., writes about anger in our series on The Seven Deadly Sins.—The Editor I was recently sorting through old files and came across a letter my father had written while I was away on a weeklong retreat in…


Lynell George ’84, journalist and essayist, collects people’s stories as part of her job. Ambition is one thing, but lately, she says, she’s been hearing a lot of envy, a form of myopia that causes blindness. Read her diagnosis here.