Summer 2018


The Pod Coast

Teamwork unites nearly 70 students in business and the sciences in developing a Hyperloop pod for a competition sponsored by SpaceX.

Norma Rios ’82

With a handful of dogs and cats at home, veterinarian Norma Rios ’82 has no trouble convincing her clients she considers pets a part of her life.

Play to Win

Norma Provencio ’79 never wore an LMU D1 jersey as a student, but she played just about every intramural sport. Now she’s one of the Athletics Department’s biggest supporters.

Marta Baltodano

Marta Baltodano’s path brought her from human rights work in war-torn Nicaragua to Los Angeles, where she now teaches graduate students in the LMU School of Education.

Sacred Art

John August Swanson dropped out of LMU to spend the next five decades developing his own stunning style of religious and political art.

Appy Days

An app developed by students is designed to link drivers to businesses or homeowners with precious parking space.

Gryphon Circle at 50

Gryphon Circle started as a service org for newly arrived Marymounters. Service endures: Gryphons everywhere are celebrating 50 years.

Kids’ Hopes

Some of the most eloquent voices heard in the aftermath of mass shootings are those of high school students. Their determination to make the political system respond is a sign of hope.

Protection Promises

Asylum raises the question of both our political and moral obligations in response to those in need of refuge. A Loyola Law School professor and an LLS graduate offer an explanation of a practice with a long history in international politics and law.