Winter 2023


Black History Under Siege

Henry Louis Gates Jr. says truth will out if people of all colors resist the censorship of America’s Black history.

Canto de la Ciudad

KXLU’s “Alma del Barrio” has been singing its songs to L.A. and binding together LMU and the city’s Spanish-speaking communities for five decades.

Your Move

The transfer portal has brought dizzying roster changes, new opportunities, and, possibly, a shorter path to success in college athletics.

Hunting Demons

James Keane ’96 remembers the fear he felt at 14 when he saw “The Exorcist.” He still wonders if exorcism can rid him of the demons in the world.

Central Valley Grandeur

Jasmine Marshall Armstrong ’00 describes how the Ignatian spiritual tradition shapes her poems and how she sees the natural beauty of the Central Valley where she lives.

Moons of Water

Life’s existence beyond Earth remains an unsolved puzzle. But Prof. Emily Hawkins and her students are looking at Enceladus, an icy moon of Saturn, for clues.

When Two Became One

The merger of Loyola University and Marymount College 50 years ago was a hugely significant commitment on the part of the university’s sponsoring religious communities.

The Long Road

The unrecognized voice in the night, the burning bush — the Bible offers multiple examples of sudden callings from God. But Ignatius’ journey to his vocation was a long one. We don’t all get knocked off our horse one strange day.

Watch: The Merger Discussion

Watch a conversation with President Timothy Law Snyder, Ph.D., and representatives of LMU’s sponsoring religious communities about the significance of the Loyola University-Marymount College merger 50 years ago.

Future Science

LMU’s Seaver College will take a major step forward with the planned Engineering Innovation Complex, which will replace the 1950s-era Pereira Hall.


Southern California is teeming with birds, those that live here and others passing through on the Pacific Flyway migration path. Here’s a guide to help you start watching.

Rivalry: Lakers vs. Warriors

Some would argue there was no NBA era better named than the Lakers’ “Showtime.” Others would argue “Showtime” moved north to the Bay Area with the appearance of Curry, Klay and Green. Two fans go toe-to-toe in Rivalry.

Peace and Protest

Trevor Jackson ’23 has produced gripping, on-the-scene photographs of L.A. protests against the death of George Floyd. His work has appeared in The Los Angeles Times and other venues.