LMU and World Policy Institute Launch Joint Project

January 21, 2016   LMU takes a major step into the field of world politics and foreign policy analysis through the establishment of WPI@LMU, a new collaborative project with the World Policy Institute, a major global policy think tank with a long history of contributions to international relations.

Europe’s Lessons of History

January 21, 2016   With U.S. political discourse focused on national identity, the status of religious groups, immigrant policy and economic anxiety, observers are looking to history for parallels and lessons. Professor Elizabeth Drummond, a historian who specializes in modern Central Europe, discusses Europe’s pre-World War II turmoil.

Journey South

January 21, 2016   Professor Rubén Martínez has written for years about the impact of political violence that crosses the borders of Central America, Mexico and the United States. He has also crossed those borders with his family to visit his relatives. Here he writes about how those worlds, alarmingly, are intersecting.

M-School’s Jackets for Homeless People

December 15, 2015   Marketing students were required to come up with a group project in LMU's M-School this past fall. They concluded that with an El Niño weather pattern building, homeless people could use extra help this winter. Their solution: 100 jackets for 100 people living on the streets.

Veterans’ Day of Dental Service

December 15, 2015   Giving free dental care to veterans on Veterans’ Smile Day in November was a family service affair for Michele Frawley ’01, one of several Frawleys who are behind Beverly Hills Dentistry.

I Learned This From Paul

December 11, 2015   Mary C. Breden, professor and director of choral activities at LMU, recalls the influence of Paul Salamunovich on her work today with the LMU Choruses and on her early experiences as an aspiring musician.

Stage II of the Dunlap Era

November 20, 2015   Coach Mike Dunlap ’80 is now in the second year of his rebuilding program as coach of LMU men’s basketball. He shares his thoughts about ‘Stage II’ and how he envisions the recruiting competition that faces any coach.

Tommy Lasorda Receives Honorary Degree

November 20, 2015   The Dodger icon and perhaps baseball’s greatest ambassador was presented with an honorary doctorate for his commitment to the community, the ideal of sportsmanship and the game to which he has given his life.

Nina Revoyr’s Favorite L.A. Fiction

November 20, 2015   Nina Revoyr, whose “Southland” was chosen as LMU’s Common Book, is increasingly known as one of L.A.’s insightful fiction writers. Here are some of her favorite novels about Los Angeles.

The Roots of Syria’s Migrations

October 23, 2015   The migration crisis that stretches from the Middle East to Europe has roots that are more long-lasting than the past four months. Najwa Al-Qattan, professor of Middle East history, discusses why people in Syria, Iraq and other countries are leaving the region as well as the responsibilities of the international community.