President Burcham To Step Down in May

October 25, 2014   David W. Burcham, president of Loyola Marymount University since October 2010, announced he will leave his post in May 2015. Burcham also served as LMU provost and dean of the Loyola Law School during his more than two decades of service to the university.

Carving the Pipeline ... in Tuscany?

October 25, 2014   Jason Baffa ’95, with a couple of surf films already to his name, found a young and passionate wave-riding culture in Italy, and it’s the subject of his new documentary, “Bella Vita.”

Next Round in the Hacking Wars

October 25, 2014   Fighting hacking looks more and more like an unending battle: JPMorgan, Target, Home Depot, and even Apple’s iCloud have been attacked in the past several months. Is the fight against hacking a winnable war?

Dave Eggers’ Voice of Skepticism

September 24, 2014   Author Dave Eggers doubts solutionism — the promise that technology can solve all our problems. Technology not only is eroding privacy, he says, it’s also changing how we define privacy.

The Body Tells a Story

September 24, 2014   Rosalynde LeBlanc Loo, assistant professor of dance in the College of Communication and Fine Arts, thinks of the human body as a voice: — in dance, it tells a story. A good dancer — a good storyteller — will command the stage, she tells her students.

School Disruption

September 24, 2014   Tommy Chang’s charge, as LAUSD instructional area superintendent, is to work with the most challenged schools in the district and the most innovative. Here he talks about the importance of innovation in closing the achievement gap in schools.

Changing the Rules

August 26, 2014   A decision by the NCAA Board of Directors may grant increased autonomy — the ability to make some of their own rules — to the top five Division 1 athletics conferences. Some say it will make it harder for programs in conferences like the West Coast Conference to compete and recruit.

The Valley's Eccentric Art Tradition

August 26, 2014   Damon Willick, professor of art and art history, gives proof, if anyone needs it, that the San Fernando Valley — his home turf — has been an arts hotbed for decades.

To Admire Determination

August 29, 2014   What do Joan Rivers, comedian, Don Gregg, public servant, and Lee Kuan Yew, the first prime minister of Singapore, have in common? Seriously. Tom Plate, Distinguished Scholar of Asian and Pacific Studies at Loyola Marymount University, offer his thoughts on age and determination.

Covering Crises By the Minute

August 26, 2014   Kathleen Miles M.A. ’09 covers international news — with crises popping like firecrackers — for The Huffington Post’s WorldPost. Keeping up with events may be the toughest part of the job.