The Supreme Court: What Happens Next

September 16, 2016   Despite the most unpredictable of presidential campaigns, one certain thing is the next president will have a significant impact on the make-up of the U.S. Supreme Court. Allan Ides, professor of law at Loyola Law School and a one-time clerk to the late Justice Byron R. White, takes a look at what may be in store for SCOTUS.

Making Clothing With a Chinese Aesthetic

September 16, 2016   Kelly Shanahan M.B.A. ’16 draws on her Chinese roots and familiarity with Chinese silk in creating her clothing line.

Behind Convention Speak

July 29, 2016   Professor and historian Sean Dempsey, S.J., has paid close attention to the speeches given during the Republican and Democratic conventions, and he hears political talk that is filled with moral language.

Trafficking Victims and Legal Recourse

June 8, 2016   Kathleen Kim, professor of law at Loyola Law School and a member of the Los Angeles Police Commission who writes about human trafficking, civil rights and immigration law, talks about the legal issues in trafficking, including the state of legal protections for trafficked people.

Clinton to Graduates: “Set the World on Fire”

May 10, 2015   Bill Clinton, 42nd president of the United States, focused his commencement address on the words of St. Ignatius and the motto of the class of 2016: “Go forth and set the world on fire.”

Ban Ki-moon Given LMU Honorary Doctorate

April 13, 2016   U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon stresses the need to help the world’s vulnerable and excluded peoples and urges students to dedicate themselves to service to others when he is awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Humane Letters.

Beach-Bluff Synergy

April 14, 2016   The annual Silicon Beach Expo is no longer a sign of what could be but of what is and, increasingly, will be happening with LMU and Playa Vista’s growing tech center.

Party Control

March 17, 2016   Fissures in the Republican Party have been increasingly evident in recent years, but almost no one predicted the GOP’s election turmoil this year. We asked Richard Fox, professor of political science, to help navigate the twists and turns that may lie ahead in the party’s future.

Toxic Waters: DDT in the Bay

March 17, 2016   Before we can deal with DDT’s impact on L.A.’s coastal waters, we must know how much is there. Professor Rachel Adams, an environmental engineer, is finding answers.

Spring Break Immersion in the Dominican Republic

March 17, 2016   Border issues, racism and deportations were the focus of an immersion program, sponsored by Campus Ministry, to the Dominican Republic during spring break.