Winter 2016


Kate Micucci ’03 Makes Her Mark

Kate Micucci — smart, witty, musical, artistic, funny — could make a living five different ways. We interviewed Kate about funny songs, love, the creative process and the pressure of making a living solely by one’s wits and talent.

Kate Micucci ’03 Makes Her Mark

Kate Micucci — smart, witty, musical, artistic, funny — could make a living five different ways. We interviewed Kate about funny songs, love, the creative process and the pressure of making a living solely by one’s wits and talent.

Patrick Mullen ’93

Patrick Mullen, an an AFROTC cadet when he was a student, is a corporate pilot who operates a Gulfstream G650 and G-V in Portland, Oregon. The captain’s seat he occupies now is a thing to behold.

An Annotated History of Reality TV

Reality TV played an unexpected part in the presidential election of Donald Trump, as Tom Leach ’08, lecturer in the LMU School of Film and Television explains here. Although it seems like a relatively recent innovation in television programming, reality TV has its roots in shows that defined the medium at its birth.

A Life in Exile

Elias Wondimu spent his first 20 years growing up in Ethiopia, a country riven by civil war. A casualty of that strife has been the nation’s history itself, which leaders often rewrote or erased. Wondimu, who is the publisher of LMU’s Marymount Institute Press, is determined to secure his nation’s history.

Together at the Table

Ask someone to name his or her hero and why and you will learn as much about that person as the historical figure. We asked faculty members from across the university to tell us which person in history from their field of specialty they would invite for an evening’s dinner and conversation about politics, work, art or leadership today. See their intriguing answers below.

Hot Air

A seasonal feature, alien to Easterners, is the winter onset of Santa Ana winds. Hot air in December — it reinforces the strangeness of Los Angeles. The Santa Anas have become threads in the city’s dystopian lore, and that from the hands of writers like Joan Didion and Raymond Chandler, not the hacks.

Slow Down

That the manic pace of modern life is atomizing the comprehensive education work of universities is no new criticism. Today’s seemingly infinite proliferation of information and info sources is nearly overwhelming. The notion of “slow time” — to pause, reflect, integrate, then act — is a response. We asked David L. Ulin to give slow time some thought.

Middle of Nowhere

This past May, the Pew Research Center issued a report on America’s shrinking middle class in U.S. cities. One conclusion: Like the rest of the nation, the middle class of the broad Los Angeles area (L.A.–Long Beach–Anaheim) does not constitute a majority of the population. Writer Scott Timberg spoke with three analysts about an economic and population trend that’s been developing for decades.

Come Together

Every Oct. 23, the anniversary of Sam’s death, LMU’s theater community reconvenes at Sam’s Corner to sing and play Beatles songs — Sam’s favorite music. The annual concert is well known as BTLS4SAM and draws up to 150 people.

Decisions of a President-Elect

Some of a new president’s most crucial decisions are those made between election day and inauguration day. We asked Tony Coelho, who has spent much of his public service career at some of the highest levels of U.S. government, to outline the 10 most important decisions to be made by a newly elected chief executive. Because of this issue’s deadlines, Coelho’s comments were written prior to the outcome of the November 2016 presidential election.

The Asia Blend

Kelly Shanahan M.B.A. ’16 draws on her Chinese roots and familiarity with Chinese silk in creating ZIRAN, her clothing line.

35-millimeter Acme Animation Camera

The 1937 film “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs” consisted of 250,000 hand-drawn images, each filmed by a special 35 mm still camera and then assembled into a movie. Today, animated films are usually done on computer — but LMU wants its animation students to learn the old-fashioned way. Fortunately, the School of Film and Television owns a camera that makes it possible.

A Brash Bird’s Legacy

The LMU School of Film and Television received a $5 million donation from the Walter Lantz Foundation this past September that will dramatically alter the school’s ability to train students.

A Conversation With Allan Ides

Perhaps the biggest prize for the winner of the 2016 presidential election is the ability to shape the Supreme Court and the judicial branch. We spoke with Allan Ides, professor of law and Christopher N. May Chair at Loyola Law School, about the future of the U.S. Supreme Court. Early in his career, Ides clerked with U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice Byron R. White. He was interviewed by Editor Joseph Wakelee-Lynch.

How It’s Going in Boston

My years at LMU helped me realize that my real American dream had to be rooted in faith and the promotion of justice. The motto I always heard at LMU — to be “men and women for others” — left a permanent imprint on me. I left LMU with a deep commitment to the Sursum Corda (“lift up our hearts”) service org that continues to inspire me.

More Fame to the Hall of Fame

Seven members of the LMU community, including All-America runner Tara Erdmann ’12, above, will be inducted into the Athletics Hall of Fame Feb. 17, 2017, and honored Feb. 18 during halftime at the men’s basketball game against Pepperdine.